Aerobics vs Weight Training – Effective way to lose weight?

Its been so long that I have posted here about some weight loss tips. But today, I (Dhruv Bhagat) am going to write a detailed post on “effective way to lose weight”. This is gonna be really tuff to say which is worth the effort? Its, Aerobics vs Weight Training.

Previously, I have written about my journey from a bulky fat animal to a slim boy. Though, I did not get any comments but you can see the tranformation and pictures that I have posted. And yeah, I do love comments also. If you like, you can comment accordingly. :)

Lets back to the point – Aerobics vs Weight Training. In 2010, I lost over 50 pounds in 5 months. The first 38 pounds that I lost were just by doing aerobics and 15 crucial pounds due to weight training exercises. Why I call the last 15 pounds “crucial”. Well, you can easily reduce 10 pounds just by taking a “fat loss” diet. I will surely come up soon with an effective weight loss diet that will help you in reducing over 5 pounds in a week. I know that its not an easy to reduce more than 5 pounds in a week without doing any exercise. But yeah, one of my friend did it. And, I will be sharing his experience soon. :)

Well, all you have to do is – control your diet if you want to lose weight. Diet plays an important role and is the most effective way to lose weight. When you start losing weight, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should not eat unhealthy food. Yeah, I mean it. If you are serious for your health, you must avoid fried foods, soft drinks, alcohol, sweets and milk products. All you have to do is to eat oranges, papaya, chapatis, boiled vegetable, white eggs and roasted chicken (for some energy). Make sure, you are not over-eating. Let us suppose if you usually eat 3 chapatis at a time, then make it 2 at a time and try to replace your dinner with one chapati and a papaya. If you have understood what I mean, then I will be moving forward to the real fight between Aerobics vs Weight Training.

aerobics vs weight training

Weight Loss Comparison – Aerobics vs Weight Training

Aerobics is an effective way to lose weight. Aerobics (a.k.a Cardio) exercises proved for me and I succeed in losing 38 pounds in just 3 months. Is this an effective way to lose weight? Yeah, this worked for me and even for so many people around the world. Aerobics exercises are meant to be the best among others for losing weight quickly. Its not an easy task to reduce 38 pounds in 3 months. But I did it with some aerobics + cruches + not eating junk food.

For the beginners who want to lose weight and have lots of fat should always start with the Aerobics exercise. With the aerobics, you can increase your stamina and increase your body flexibility. You may get slim and look good but you can only improve your strength and endurance with the help of weight training. Also, you can’t reach to your desired weight with the help of Aerobics. If you want to reach to your goal weight, you have to do weight training.

You might be thinking that I am confusing you between the Aerobics vs Weight Training and which is an effective way to lose weight. But seriously, it depends upon your body fat. If you have more fat, then you should start with Aerobics and end with Weight Training till you reach your desired weight. Mixture of both things will be the most effective way to lose weight. You can start with light weights and taking it to the medium level. If you want to build a body like models or celebrities, then you can do extreme weight training for that. Also, don’t forget to take proper diet according to your workout session.

So, each and every day, you must start your workout session with some Aerobics or Cardio and end your workout session with some Weight Training. Combination of both will help you in losing fat quickly and also in developing the little fat into muscles. This technique for losing weight has been proven by many of the experts and they always say both instead of taking one side.

Mixture of both is an effective way to lose weight quickly.

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  1. That’s what I’ve been advising my mom all along. Diet and Aerobics at first, then you can continue with weight lifting which will make the body strong, ripped and cut looking. Thanks for the share!