Best Health Apps For Android – Paid and Free

You constantly travel to places and don’t have time to monitor your health and fitness. Or you might be too lazy to consult a health specialist. Either way you are ignoring your very own body.

So in this post I am going to list some applications that you must have to monitor your health and fitness. These applications will keep a tab on your health and fitness and will warn you in case of any alarming situations.

android fitness apps

List of free and paid health apps for Android

1. Runtastic Running and fitness

It is of utmost importance that you keep a track on your running, jogging, biking and walking. Well often when you travel for work, you lose some calories. This application tracks your cardio, workout progress (time, distance, speed, elevation. calories and more).

Highlights of Runtastic Application :

a.) Tracks your workout in real time with built in GPS.
b.) Makes a personal diary and metrics.
c.) Enjoy your workouts with integrated music system.
d.) Share and compare your workouts with others on Facebook, Google and through other social media.

2. Instant heart rate-Pro

This application won the best health and fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 according to jury of health and fitness experts.It is a paid app and costs somewhere around hundred rupees and is worth the buy.

Highlights of Instant Heart Rate Pro :

a.) Most accurate app and does not require the use of any external hardware.
b.) Involves the use of phone camera.  Put the tip of your phone camera and in a couple of seconds your heart rate will be shown. A real time chart will show you every heat beat.
c.) Same technique that medical oximeters use.
d.) Shows real time PPG graph.

3. Breathing Zone

While travelling you can monitor your breathing by this app. It is a paid app and costs Rs. 113.74.

Highlights of Breathing Zone :

a.) The breathing zone app has been recommended by Hardware Health Newsletter, Lifehacker and website.
b.) Follow the voice instructions and simply do breathing in or out exercises to get the optimum results.
c.) Reduces anxiety, stress and blood pressure.

4. Period Tracker/Pink Pad App (Women)

It is a health and lifestyle tracker for women with a massive online community. It has a pretty simple interface which is very simple to search.  It is a paid app and costs somewhere around Rs. 109.29.

Features of Pink Pad

a.) Tracks health related issues such as weight loss, menstrual cycle, emotional/physical well being etc.
b.) Fertility or pregnancy tracking.
c.) Simple interface and intuitive design
d.) Stores previous records so that you can refer to it later on.
e.) Join largest “Trying to conceive” mobile community.

These are the best free and paid health apps for Android.

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