7 Tips For Healthy Dieting and Weight Loss

weight loss dieting

In the contemporary world maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy diet can be a daunting task. This article is meant to help you in tips that you can employ to avoid dieting pitfalls, develop a healthier eating habits and achieve long lasting weight loss success. First and foremost, to lose weight you have to […]


Perfect Vegetarian Diet Plan For Gym Beginners

gym diet

Well you may find thousands of articles where in experts would suggest as to what to incorporate in your diet and what not to. Believe many of them work and many of them don’t. So being a gym enthusiast myself (Shitij Jain) and going to gym for the past 3 months, I will give you […]


Organic Food Is Good For Health – Some Health Benefits

organic food

Since the last few years, organically grown food is being preferred over conventional crops that use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Recently, there has been a tirade against organic crops with many organizations like the CCF (Centre for Consumer Freedom) saying that the manure used by organic farmers as fertilizers is deadly, as it is a […]


Why You Should Eat Seafood – Health Benefits

seafood health benefits

Seafood is having lots of health benefits if you are still wondering whether to eat seafood or not? It is a tasty way of preventing heart attacks and strokes. It is also helpful to lower your blood pressure and even helps to fight depression. If you consume fish regularly, it can reduce cardiac risks by […]


Healthy Eating Habits To Stay Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips

healthy eating habits

If you have been wondering, what is the secret behind a healthy body, let me tell you, it’s nothing, but the intake of healthy meals to churn out a healthy lifestyle. If it has been a long time, you haven’t felt energetic or fresh, it’s time that you pay attention to your meals. No doctor […]