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According to me, teenage stage is a very complex stage in a person’s life. It is the stage where boys or girls experience new things, begin to know their body and in the end enter the puberty or adult stage. It is of utmost importance that a person takes the desired nutritious diet so that one grows into a healthy individual. But teenagers often neglect it.

So in this post I am going to reinforce the teenagers to follow the diet chart that I am going to blog about below.

Here is the Diet Chart For Teenagers -

Breakfast – A glass of milk with 1 teaspoon of sugar with almonds. In addition to it, cheese sandwich can be given to vegetarians. For non vegetarians, an omlette along with the former can complete the daily nutritional requirements. For a change, you can have also have some boiled eggs.

Brunch (In school) - You can take 1-2 chapatis or some bread toast in school and eat there.

Lunch - The lunch should consist of 3-4 chapatis along with pulses (dal), curd and salads. One should also eat green leafy vegetables along with the pulses.

Dinner - The dinner should consists of 2-3 chapatis along with 1 bowl pulses (dal). You can also eat rice or daliya along with it.

Well I might be sounding too strict but after every meal that is after lunch and dinner you can serve your sweet tooth. You can take sweet dishes. The mid day and evening snacks can also be taken. The snacks can be biscuits or fresh fruits. But care should be taken that you avoid junk food during those times. Once in a while its perfectly alright but it should not be made a habit.

Water intake should at least 10-12 glasses each day. The lack of water in a human body has various disadvantages. Water keeps us fresh, detoxifies, regulates body temperature, moisturizes the air in lungs and what not. So this is the only thing which can be drunk in excess. Some teenage guys and girls are addicted to soft-drinks and even alcohol. You can drink soft-drink (300 ml) once in 10 days if you want to live happy in your old age.

Benefits of taking Healthy Diet :

A teenager requires proteins, grains, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables. The above diet chart more or less completes all these nutritional requirements. Proteins are required for the development of healthy muscle and bones. Pulses are rich in proteins and you can also eat beef, poultry and low fat dairy. Grains or carbohydrates requirements is accomplished by breads, brown rice etc. It is required because when it breaks down into glucose it serves as fuel which our body uses for energy. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is of utmost importance that five servings of fruit should be given every day to meet the daily nutritional requirements.


You might think that it is a mundane diet and you may never have the desire to follow it. I am not saying to stop eating junk food but am only saying to cut it short. It is always better to eat them less or you won’t want a time that you are forced to stop it because of some health problems. It’s better to eat healthy and stay happy rather than eating unhealthy and being sick!


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