Lose 50+ Pounds In 5 Months – From 200 Pounds to 150

Today, I think of sharing my strategy that I followed to lose more than 50 Pounds in just 5 months duration. This is not as easy task as it seems. One should be prepared to follow strict rules – workout and diet. These two things can do wonders for you. Whether you want to gain weight or you want to lose your weight, you have to follow strict diet with regular workout.

The strategy I followed is really difficult. You have to aim high if you want to lose weight. In 2010, I used to weigh over 90 Kg. I felt very bad when people used to call me fatty, Humpty Dumpty, Hippo and with many more names like that. But, I have to accept it because I really was so fat. When I finished my +2 grade exams, I was free for around 5 months and planned to hit the Gym for losing some kilos.

5 Months Weight Loss

When I stepped in the Gym for the 1st day, I didn’t feel bad because there were around 40 people who were equal to my body size. The first day went great with some Cardio exercises and one hour of aerobics. After the aerobic session, I checked my weight and what I found gave me a heart attack. It was 203 Pounds (92 Kg).

After seeing my weight, my Gym Trainer told me that if I followed his methods, I would be weighing below 85 Kg (187 Pounds) in the first month. I promised that I will do my best and will follow the diet plan which was as follows -

Strict Diet For Instant Weight Loss

Morning : 1 glass sweet lime water before and after hitting the gym in the morning. (As, I used to do aerobics from 6:30 a.m to 7:30 a.m. From 7:30 a.m to 8:00 a.m, I used to do crunches for burning my tummy fat)
At 9:00 a.m : 1 chapati + 1 bowl of boiled vegetable.
At 12:00 (noon) : 2 Apples
At 2:00 p.m : 1 chapati + 1 bowl of boiled vegetable + 1 bowl of curd + salad.
At 5:00 p.m : 1 glass of juice
At 8:00 p.m : 1 chapati + 1 bowl of boiled Dal + salad.

It was so difficult to follow this diet as I was munching more than 3000 calories in a day. I was addicted to soft drinks, pizzas, burgers, spring rolls, potato chips and other such things.

Let me tell you what I was eating in a day before I joined the Gym -

Before going to School (8:30 a.m) – 1 chapati + 1 bowl of fried vegetable + 1 glass chocolate shake.
In the school - 1 soft drink (300 ml) + 1 cheese burger.
When school is over (At 12:30 p.m) - 2 patties + 1 soft drink (300 ml).

# Well, my school timings were really short as I was in +2 grade and we have to attend only 5 lectures (40 minutes each).

At 2:30 p.m (Lunch Time) - 3 chapatis + 2 bowls of fried vegetable + curd.
At 5:00 p.m (Weekends only) – 1 soft drink (300ml) + 1 pizza or 1 plate Noodles.
At 6:00 p.m – 1 packet of Potato Chips
At 7:00 p.m – 1 spring roll or 1 bowl of manchurian + 6-8 pieces of Momos.
At 9:00 p.m (Dinner) – 3 chapatis + 2 bowl of Dal.
After Dinner (Thrice in a week) – 1 ice cream or some sweets.

So you might be wondering how can one person eat so many things in a day. This was really my daily routine. I always think of eating every time when I sit idle. I can’t stay away from eating junk food at that time.

Coming back to the point… I then go for Gym regularly and do aerobics with some crunches and followed my diet not that strictly but left drinking soft drinks and eating junk food. I was not eating boiled vegetables and was eating 5 chapatis in a day. After 1 month, I was exact 85 Kg (187 Pounds). That is, I have lost 16 Pounds in just 30 days. I was so happy at that day. On that day, I ate pizza (LOL). Doing the same for the next month, I again lost 6 Kgs and was below 80 Kg (176 Pounds) mark. My weight was exact 79 Kg (174 Pounds) after 2 months.

Till now, I have lost more than 25 Pounds in just 2 months with regular aerobics + crunches and not eating junk food.

The real hard work starts now – 25 Pounds in 3 months.

Third Month Schedule -

After going gym regularly from last 2 months, I was so motivated with my efforts and obviously the results were fantastic. Everything was going right at that time. My friends were praising me for losing weight now. Some were saying that I can lose more whereas some were saying that I can’t. To prove myself, I started jogging before going to Gym for aerobics. I used to jog more than 2 miles with a constant speed and then performing aerobics for one hour followed by 30 minutes of crunches session. Also, I reduced my 5 chapatis in day to 3 now.

After the 3rd month schedule, I was weighing 75 Kg (165 Pounds) and changed my aim too. At that time, I aimed for 6-pack abs which I failed to build. But, I got 4-pack abs (not ripped).

Collecting the points till now -

1st Month Weight Loss – 16 Pounds
2nd Month Weight Loss – 13 Pounds
3rd Month Weight Loss – 9 Pounds

Total weight loss in 3 months – 38 Pounds

After three months of regular aerobics, my gym trainer was extremely happy with my performance. And he told me to stop doing aerobics and start weight training for tightening muscles.

He decided my schedule -

Monday and Thursday : Dumbbell Bicep Curl, Dumbbell Hammer Curl, Dumbbell Barbell Curl. (All exercises – 4 sets, 15 reps each).

Tuesday and Friday : Push-Ups, Bench Press, Inclined Bench Press. (All exercises – 4 sets, 15 reps each).

Wednesday and Saturday : Squats (4 sets, 25 reps each), Leg Curl, Reverse Leg Curl, Triceps Dumbbell Extensions. (All exercises – 4 sets, 10 reps each).

Sunday – Rest

Fourth Month Strategy -

Before coming to the Gym, I used to jog on the lonely streets (5:30 a.m). I used to cover a distance of 3 miles (around 5 Km) without a stop. Then, I went to gym for weight training exercises. After doing weight training, I went back home. I told my trainer that I will be coming in the evening for doing crunches. As he was impressed with me, he didn’t mind coming twice a day.

Evening Schedule : In the evening, I used to jog about 1 mile (1.6 Km) in a park and went to Gym for doing crunches. I started from 200 crunches + 50 leg raises a day and increased it to 400 crunches + 100 leg raises a day.

I lost 9 Pounds again in 4th month. I was weighing 71 Kg (156 Pounds) after working out for regular 4 months.

Fifth Month – Weight Loss Strategy

Well, it was similar to the 4th month schedule. There was no change in my workout routine. But, I was eating 5 chapatis in day with boiled vegetables adding some more fruits.

I lost 6 Pounds in the last month. Then, I was weighing exact 68 Kg (150 Pounds).

Summarizing all -

1st Month Weight Loss : 16 Pounds
2nd Month Weight Loss : 13 Pounds
3rd Month Weight Loss : 9 Pounds
4th Month Weight Loss : 9 Pounds
5th Month Weight Loss : 6 Pounds.

Total Weight Loss : 53 Pounds in 5 months.

This is how I lost more than 50 Pounds in 5 Months.

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