Selena Gomez Fitness Routine – Workout & Diet Plan

Today, I will discuss about fitness routine of Selena Gomez which includes her workout and diet plan.

Selena Gomez is the most beautiful actress and a pop singer who was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie Texas. You will be amazed to know that I and Selena are of same age. Ha-ha!

She started acting when she was just 7 years old. Later, she was discovered by Disney Channel in 2004 with a TV serial “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” in which she has a guest appearance. But, in early 2007, She was cast in the Disney Channel Series “Wizards of Waverly Place” as one of the three main characters. In 2008, she recorded 4 songs in which one was a cover for “Wizards of Waverly Place” soundtrack.

Many guys all around the world wants to meet her not because she is a celebrity, but she is pretty. She has beautiful hairs and nice looks. She is not that much tall like other Hollywood actresses. She has a normal height measuring 5’5″ and with amazing body measurements of 34-24-36. This is a dream figure of all the girls.

Selena Gomez Workout Routine

Selena Gomez hates working out. But, she is consistent in doing Cardio exercises. She believes in burning more calories and increasing stamina and strength. These things can be easily done by performing cardio exercises.

Selena Gomez prefers doing running, cycling and the cross trainer workouts. She loves doing dance workouts and aerobics. She does not believe in body weight training. She also loves to do swimming which keeps her in great shape.

Selena Gomez Diet Plan

Selena Gomez has a strict diet plan which is not easy for any other person to follow like her. She eat very less due to which she has been hospitalized. She does not intake much protein and loves to eat junk food before she was hospitalized at the age of 16. After that, she is eating healthy food items and dumped all the junk food. Selena Gomez was forced to dump her favorite chocolates like KitKat, Snickers and Goobers. She took iron and vitamin supplements to recover her health properly.

Now, I am listing her diet plan that she strictly follows in her daily routine.

Breakfast (250 calories) -
Her breakfast includes two eggs white only, slice of brown bread and glass of juice. Sometimes for a change, she prefers omelet with mushrooms, onion and cheese with a glass of juice.

Lunch (350 calories) -
After Selena was hospitalized, she started taking protein and simple home cooked food served by her mother. When Selena is at home, she likes to eat turkey or meat which provides her energy. When she is out for a shoot, she prefers to eat pasta, pizza and a glass of orange juice.

Evening Snacks (300 calories) -
Selena admits that she can’t stay away from Snickers and Reese’s pieces. She also loves to eat pickles, as she believes that pickles fill you up.

Dinner (850 calories) -
Though, taking a heavy dinner is not healthy. But, she believes in rich dinner so she likes to eat Italian food items such as lasagna.

This is the workout routine and diet plan of Selena Gomez.

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