Top 10 Tips For An Active Lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t stop at your bi-weekly trip to the gym. If you want to lead a completely healthy life, you need to incorporate being ‘healthy’ into all aspects of your week. Working out one day, then snacking on crisps the next won’t do. You need to be regimented and determined.

Tips For An Active Lifestyle

This article has been written in order to demonstrate just how you can be healthy in other areas of your life too.

1. Get rid of your unhealthy habits

There’s little point in working out or exercising if you’re going to go home and return to your couch potato lifestyle. For instance, you could sell off your old video games online to ensure you don’t glue yourself to the sofa any more.

2. Walk or cycle to work

This will save you money too – whether you drive or use public transport. You work up a sweat before you even get to the office, setting you up for the day; more importantly, avoiding road rage is always a good idea for the stress levels!

3. Eat more fruit

Make sure you eat your fruit before your meals, not after, so you can get the most out of them. Fruits help detoxify your body, and help prevent strokes and cancer.

4. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables have a high fibre content, meaning that they fill you up fast. The benefits of eating vegetables are too many to list here – just get as many into your diet, as often as you can!

5. Get an exercising buddy

Exercising is always easier and more fun if you have someone to do it with. Get one of your friends to go jogging with you, or schedule weekly games of tennis or squash – or whatever other sport you guys fancy turning your hand to.

6. Walk and talk

When you’re at the office, suggest ‘walk and talk’ meetings, so you’re not rooted to your seat all day. You could walk with your colleague around the office, or go outside into the fresh air.

active lifestyle

7. Go low-fat

If you can’t do away with some luxury indulgences like cream cheese, always go for the low-fat or no-fat version of the product.

8. Substitute your snacks

It’s hard for some of us not to snack – some peoples’ metabolisms are faster than others’. If this is a problem for you, substitute eating crisps for eating dried fruit and nuts, vegetable or other healthy bites.

9. Set yourself goals

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is made a lot easier and more satisfying if you set yourself goals. For instance, setting a goal for how much weight you want to lose will help you make yourself feel like you’re making a difference when you achieve it.

10. Eat more often, have smaller portions

This is a good way of avoiding the intense hunger you may feel between meals. Instead of succumbing to the snack cupboard, try regular, smaller, healthier meals, if the ‘three meals a day’ regime isn’t really working for you.

These are the best tips for your active lifestyle.

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