Tummy Tuck Surgery Techniques That WORKS!

A well-toned, good looking flat and fabulous abdomen is what we all aspire for and work towards it by means of exercise, weight control or diet control, though many a times these methods do not help us. Tummy Tuck or scientifically speaking Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure for removal of excess fat and skin in the abdomen area so as to tighten the muscles. This type of surgery is usually sought by persons having sagging or loose abdomen which might be developed because of pregnancy or excessive weight loss. The most factors for developing a sagging abdomen are :

1. Pregnancy
2. Fluctuations in weight i.e. gaining or loosing huge weight in short time
3. Hereditary
4. Aging
5. Due to some previous surgery
6. Other medical conditions or ailments

A tummy tuck surgery is not a substitute for exercise or weight control through diet and neither can it fix the stretch marks although it can be improved or removed because of the surgery as skin is removed in those areas. These kinds of surgeries can well be costly so make sure to have your health insurance card in place.

tummy tuck surgery techniques

Various Tummy Tuck Surgery Techniques

You can easily lose so many inches instantly with these techniques.

Mini or Partial Tummy Tuck :

This technique requires a small incision around the lower abdomen below the belly button, the excess skin and fat below this area is removed and sometimes the muscles are tightened. In some cases liposuction is also used and flap is stitched.

Full or Complete Tummy Tuck:

This technique is usually useful for those who have excess fat and skin around the belly. It requires an incision from hip to hip and another below the navel to free the skin. The muscles and facia are tightened by removing the skin from abdominal wall. Liposuction is used refine the whole procedure.

Extended Tummy Tuck:

This technique is a complete tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and also a lateral thigh lift. The incision is from hip to hip and with this procedure the waist is improved along with the upper thighs of the body.

Advanced (High Lateral Tension) Tummy Tuck:

This is an advanced technique and requires long hours of procedure ranging into 4-5 hours. This technique is also known as high lateral tension abdonimoplasty, in this technique apart from tightening of the muscles vertically, they tightened horizontally as well resulting in a very flat abdomen and a reduced wait line.

Extended Mini Tuck:

This new technique is also known as Floating Abdominoplasty or FAB technique. It is a reform over the old mini-tuck technique with smaller incisions and removing of excessive skin is removed resulting in tightened muscles. In this procedure as well liposuction may also be performed.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck:

This technique is an extended tummy tuck and plus a lift of buttock, however the scars run all around the body. This is also known as Belt lipectomy or body life and is recommended for people who might have undergone huge weight loss.

Combination of different procedure:

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is usually a procedure for lower abdomen and it might also be combined with liposuction, breast reduction or breast lift in order to change the whole contours of the body.

These are the tummy tuck surgery techniques.

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